• Cheese goat salade

    • Restaurant € 9.90

    Salad with goat cheese, bacon and dried fruits and nuts with mustard and honey vinaigrette.

  • Xato from Vilanova

    • Restaurant €10.20

    (escarole, tuna, olives, anchovies and cod salad, with romesco (Catalan sauce with chilli))

  • Centrevila Salad

    • Restaurant €9.90

    Centrevila Salad ( tomato, onion, tuna, carrot, hard-boiled egg, anchovies, olives) with

    mustard and honey vinaigrette.

  • Cod carpaccio

    • Restaurant €9.50

    Cod carpaccio with natural tomato, olives sauce oil and toast

  • Veal Carpaccio

    • Restaurant €9.80

    Veal carpaccio with Parmesan cheese

  • Duck confit cannelloni

    • Restaurant €9.50

    Duck confit cannelloni with béchamel sauce.

  • Fried and scrambled eggs

    • Restaurant €9.50

    Fried and scrambled eggs with frenc fries and iberia cured ham.

  • Prawns brochette with bacon

    • Restaurant €8.20

    Prawns brochette with bacon and salad garnish.

  • Pasta carbonara

    • Restaurant €8.90

    Pasta carbonara